Caltech campus information

About the venue

The Annenberg building on campus is the home of the Computing and Mathematical Sciences department at Caltech.

The CMS directions page is an excellent resource for detailed information about how to reach the venue, with the minor proviso that, as of December 2018, the information in Open Street Map is slightly more up-to-date than Google Maps with respect to recent campus construction around the Annenberg building.

The following is a link to the Caltech campus interactive map. The Annenberg building is #16.

The meeting will take place in 4 rooms on the first floor of the building. The following is a floor map illustrating their locations:


Visitor parking at Caltech requires a permit during business hours (Mon-Fri, 8am-5pm). Parking on Saturday and Sunday does not require a permit, but visitors must still park in unmarked ("commuter") stalls only. More information can be found at:

Accessibility information

Much of the campus has paved walkways and has ramps for access by wheeled devices. The following map provides more detailed information about the campus and individual buildings:

Emergency phones

There are emergency phones scattered around the campus. They are located outdoors and can be identified by blue lights on top of their posts. Click on the following image to see a map of the locations:

Local transportation options

If you are staying at nearby hotel such as the Hilton, walking is an option during daylight hours as they are only around 2 km (1.3 mi) away from Caltech. (It is also an option when there is no daylight; however, owing to rare but occasional crime in the off-campus areas, we prefer to take abundant caution and recommend not walking alone at night, so if you do walk at night, do it in a group.)

Alternatives include the following:

Food & beverages

We are planning on providing catered coffee/snack breaks as well as lunch. For food and drink in addition (or instead of) these planned occasions, there are three locations on campus that offer food and beverage services, with different selections and hours of operation. For more information, please visit the Caltech Dining Services web page at


The city of Pasadena is fortunate to enjoy mostly mild weather year-round. March is typically a very pleasant time of year. You can find information about historical trends at and here is a snapshot of predicted March weather as of this writing (Jan. 2019) with temperatures given in Celcius: