COMBINE coordination

COMBINE activities are overseen by a team of coordinators. These coordinators represent the interests of the community. They help with the organisation of meetings, the communication within the community and with external stakeholders. They decide what standard and supporting tool is part of the effort, and advise on technical solutions. They are also responsible for the COMBINE website, although the entire community is encouraged to contribute.

Composition of the coordination board

The coordinators are nominated following two procedures:

  1. Each COMBINE standard can choose one delegate to be a COMBINE coordinator. This delegate can be an editor of this standard, or someone else endorsed by these editors. Each standard can decide to change their delegate at any time. The COMBINE coordinators can also request for a change of delegate at any time. Such a request must be accepted by a majority of the COMBINE coordinators (minus the coordinator in question).

  2. The COMBINE coordinators can appoint or demote additional members to the coordination board. This may happen if, for example, the coordinators feel the members' particular skills or position in the community would make a useful addition to the composition of the COMBINE coordinators. Such additional members must be unanimously accepted by the existing COMBINE coordinators. Additional members may also be asked to leave the coordination board. Such a request must be accepted by a majority of the COMBINE coordinators (minus the coordinator in question).

Responsibility of the coordinators

COMBINE coordinators are in charge of ensuring smooth proceedings of the COMBINE project's missions. The following is a partial list of the current responsibilities and activities of the coordinators.

  • They make sure that regular communication is maintained between the core standards composing COMBINE.
  • They coordinate the organisation of the annual COMBINE meetings and the HARMONY hackathons, and assist with the organisation of other COMBINE events.
  • They guide communities developing candidate standards through the process of becoming COMBINE core standards (documents).
  • They coordinate outreach activities and represent the COMBINE community.
  • They propose and/or formalise procedures guiding COMBINE's activities.